New Day

NewDay Graphic LROur new 2018 worship theme connects us with the promise and hope that God's grace and love are new every day. Focusing on what Jesus taught and lived, we will enter this new year asking how we can recieve his love each day (the inward journey) and more actively share it in our everyday lives (the outward journey).

New Day Text Message: Want to receive a daily inspirational text as you start your New Year? Starting January 8th, you will receive a new text message Monday - Friday morning for the first six weeks of the year to keep you connected and encouraged.  Sign up today by texting "NewDay" to 313131.  (PLEASE NOTE: NewDay is one word, so space)

My Special Word: Another way to keep you connected with both who you are (your inward journey) and what God has asked you to do in the world (your outward journey) is the My Special Word bracelet.  You can choose your own word to put on the bracelet. The word could be love or courage or serve or kindness... You choose.  Make something you want to become in 2018!