The Outward Journey



Daily and/or Consistent Practices for the Outward Journey
Spiritual practices open you up to the renewing power of God’s Spirit. As with any practice, consistency is important.  Also, as with any practice, they may not come naturally at the beginning.

Give yourself some grace.
Find a practice that you can do for a few weeks or a month.
Habits are formed over time.
Give yourself the grace of time. 

Love and Joy
Through the lens of love and joy, examine each part of your daily life and ask these questions: “How can I share more of God’s love in this place?” “How can I experience more joy in this place?”

Practice compassion
Identify someone you know who is struggling. Find a way to be present with them. Share a meal. Invite them out for coffee or a drink. Send them a brief note telling them they are in your prayers. Do not worry what to say. Just be present with them in small, consistent ways.

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Learn how to share your love and joy.

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