Southeast Testament (SET) is a nonprofit community organization that is dedicated to helping residents in 23 counties in central and southeastern Ohio.

SET was formed March 2005 and present mission partners include Peace Lutheran Church in Gahanna, C.A.R.E. Outreach in McArthur, Ohio and Lutheran Social Services.

SET is an organization with short term goals of providing the logistics to collect furniture, clothes/household items and deliver to the needy residents of central and southeast Ohio.

In October 2007, SET built a 6,700 sq. ft. facility in Vinton County, Ohio to support three main goals that provides assistance to the needy;

  • Provide furniture, appliances, clothes and household items
  • Support programs that address the root causes of poverty and high unemployment in addition to supporting disaster recovery efforts, such as fire, flood and general family assistance
  • Provide accommodations that support service project mission trips to the SE Ohio area

In March 2009, Lutheran Social Services opened offices in the new SET facility. Their activities mirrors their Caldwell, Ohio operation that mainly supports the route 77 corridor area. SET is excited with this partnership that leverages the strengths of both organizations to the greater good of the community.