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Haitian Timoun Foundation


Peace’s commitment To Love…Neighbor is continued through our support of and partnership with the Haitian Timoun Foundation. The mission of HTF is to foster hope and sustainability with dignity for the people of Haiti. Through HTF, Peace has made the commitment to invest in initiatives led by the people of Haiti to help strengthen economic development, community engagement and local leadership. Our efforts are intended not to replace what Haitian people can better do for themselves, but to support and help build sustainability. Peace’s new partnership with HTF began with an initial immersion trip to Haiti in February, 2016, and the development of life-changing relationships with HTF’s Haitian staff and partners.

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Peace's 2016-17 goals include:

 of 30 HTF Children, through Peace individual/families, contributing directly to HTF.
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Sponsor a Child NOW (Please type "Peace Lutheran Gahanna" in the "HTF Connection" Line.)

PEACE BUDGET: A new $9,000, yearly budget line item, designated to HTF, provide a college scholarship for a Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP) student. HELP students agree that they will, upon graduation, remain in Haiti, using their education, giving back and providing leadership and support to the Haitian people.
Make a direct donation to to HELP, through HTF.

IMMERSION TRIPS: The entire Peace Community will be invited to participate. 2018 Trip Dates Announced: Feb.17-24
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