We have set aside the middle school years for intentional conversation and learning about what it means to be a follower of Jesus, moving the student to make a public affirmation of their desire to continue to follow Jesus--what we call Affirmation of Faith, in the Spring of 8th Grade.

6th Grade Bible Study Catechism:  Sundays 9:45am
This Bible overview course teaches and gives students a sense of the big themes throughout the Bible while engaging with their 6th grade Peace community. Parents will be asked to sit in periodically but it is not expected that you attend all sessions.

7th/8th Grade Catechism Track: Sundays 12:15pm or Wednesdays 7pm 
Our 7th/8th Grade Catechism Track comprises of six 3-week courses. Students are required to complete the six courses over the 7th-8th grade two year period.   The courses are taught by Pastor Kai and Pastor Doug and are designed to provide some core Lutheran teachings while also identifying other topics and conversations important to the faith development of Middle School students.

2016-17 Courses:
Old Testament - A Closer Look at Abraham, Moses, and David
New Testament - Jesus' Life, Death and Resurrection
Identity - Who Are We as Lutheran Followers of Jesus?
Worship - How/Why Do We Pray, Praise and Participate?
Everyday Faith - How Can We Live Out Our Faith?
Difficult Faith Questions - How Do We Talk About the Hard Stuff?
Spring Project (8th grade) - Faith Banner Project

For more information, Contact Marta Diehm.