Care Team

Peace's Care Team is made up of individuals who volunteer their time to walk along side members of our faith community and their families during times of illness (short or long term), crisis, grief, and other life transitions, or members who are homebound or hospitalized. They provide care and support through active listening, comfort, prayer, scripture, providing Holy Communion, and by sharing God’s love. Team members are caring, compassionate people who have been equipped to provide care and support to those who are hospitalized, in long term care facilities, rehab, or who are homebound.

A Care Team volunteer is someone who has a passion and heart to love and listen to others and has the time to commit to either a short-term (one month) &/or a long-term relationship with someone from our faith community.  Team members are not alone as they support members in our faith community; they receive guidance from Peace's Pastoral Care Coordinator, Wendy Slates, Peace's Pastors and each other, as they meet quarterly as a team. 

Various Ways to Get Involved:

*Visit with an individual about once every two weeks (varies depending on each situation), for about an hour.
*Help provide transportation to or from appointments, Sunday Worship and/or Church-related functions.
*Prepare and/or deliver meals to homebound members

Contact Wendy Slates for more information.