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2016 Annual Stewardship Campaign

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In the eighth chapter of the Gospel of Luke there is this fascinating verse that is easy to miss.  It occurs after a brief description of Jesus and his disciples traveling through cities and villages proclaiming the kingdom of God, healing people of diseases and evil spirits, and bringing good news everywhere they went.  Then comes the verse:

(along with Jesus and the 12 disciples were) Joanna, the wife of Herod’s steward Chuza and Suzanna, and many others, who provided for them out of their resources.”  Luke 8:3

Did you ever stop to consider, Jesus’ ministry (in the time of Jesus!) needed to be supported with food, housing and financially?  People like Joanna and Suzanna, were transformed by Jesus’ ministry and wanted to see others transformed by it also.  They provided for Jesus out of their resources.  Through their own experiences and life stories, the women realized the importance of Jesus’ ministry and they felt compelled to support it.   Lives are changed first and foremost because of Jesus, but also because of Joanna, Suzanna, and many others.

Peace is filled with stories about how Jesus has transformed people’s lives.  When you give to Peace, it’s not simply to pay bills.  Your financial gifts support what Jesus is already at work doing.  We are blessed to be a place where lives are changed.  I constantly hear stories from people who share that they didn’t feel welcome in a church community, until they found Peace.  I hear from people who went through difficult times and it was people from Peace who walked beside them and gave them strength to move forward.  Jesus is at work here, we have experienced this and its why, like Joanna and Suzanna, we provide out of our resources.

Join us loving God, loving our neighbor, loving self; transforming lives!

What you offer to Peace becomes good news being spread and the Kingdom of God being proclaimed.  On the pledge card we have left a place for your pledge to the Soaked Campaign.  While our campaign has been a huge success, if you haven’t given to Soaked, please join us. 

We love how this place transforms lives, so we take care of it.  Remember, we ask you to pray first and foremost about your ongoing commitment to Peace.  And, we ask you to pray about offering an additional gift to Soaked.

Thank you for joining Joanna, Suzanna, and a long line of others who out of our resources have provided for Jesus’ good news to be announced.

Pastor Doug and the Stewardship Team
Wes Legg, Jim Holloway, John Gibson, Vic Wolfe and Pat Rocca

Contact Pat Rocca, Operations Director, for more information.